Where Do I Find Auditions?

A working actor helps you get work

This blog is based on a workshop I teach at the Magnet Theater entitled “Where Do I Find Auditions?” Here you will find tips on where to find auditions in addition to auditioning and acting tips in general

3pm deadline for improvisers!

Last minute Casting Loop breakdown. See below!

White Castle
Casting: House Casting
Shoot: June 6, 2015 in NY area
Casting week of 5/25
Use: TV, Web, Industrial for 1 year
Pay: $500 shoot day (10hr), $2000 1yr buyout if used in the spot.

Submissions due TODAY 5/21 by 3pm DO NOT SUBMIT AFTER 3PM TODAY

1. Improv guy: 20-35 yrs old. Any ethnicity. Can do “man on the street” thing and walk up to anyone and everyone. Funny, likable, tons of personality. Must have improv experience.

2. Girl: 20-35 yrs old. Any ethnicity. Attractive. Great fun personality. MUST have improv experience.

Submit to Mary@housecasting.com and INCLUDE A PIC IN YOUR EMAIL.

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Improv for Commercials Class June

Industry guests for the next class are Abby Berger – About Face(legit/commercial agent), Nicole Astell – Prestige Mgt.(manager), and Casting Director Brette Goldstein(legit/commercial).  Each one will be there for an hour over the last three classes.  The class is only $149 for June and you will learn A LOT.

Here is the link for more information: http://treehousetheaternyc.com/classes/auditioning-for-commercials-and-tv-with-david-neal-levin/



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Audition for Male Improvisers

From T.J. Mannix’s audition class mailing list (with permission) comes this fun breakdown for male non-union improvisers.  Thanks, T.J.!


SCIENTIST:  Male, Caucasian, 32-45.  Great Improv comedic actor.  A bit of a character quirk. Looking for a unique comedic type who can bring a certain likeability and humor to the role in the way he talks to the kids and administers the tests. 
Important dates everyone must be available:

Audition – Thursday 4/30
Callback:  TBD
Shooting – 1 day during the week of 5/11 or the week of 5/18

Usage:  1 year TV and Internet

Rates: $2,000 for 1 day shoot and buyout

Please have actors submit their headshot and resume and a brief description of their improv experience to this email address:  casting@bethmelsky.com

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Jagger Kaye

As some of you may have noticed, Jagger Kaye’s website which has a chapter in the book is down and he hasn’t sent out any emails to his list in over a year.  Also his Facebook account has been deactivated. Cannot tell from the internet what exactly has happened but in the meantime we’ll be pulling his chapter from future editions just to be safe.  Hopefully he is alright and if anyone knows anything please let me know.


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Stand-ups with clean online set for Commercial

Post from the Casting Loop looking for stand-ups with a PG-13 online set for a commercial.  Read below!



Scrubbing Bubbles

Casting: BTC
Callback : 4/29
Shooting: 5/1 in NYC
SAG Scale
Internet only
Print TBD – internet only

Here is what I need:

Any ethnicity.
Male of female.
20-40 yrs old.

I need you to submit a link of your set.  Chosen links will be forwarded to the director and if chosen you will be called in for the directors session on April 29th.

No super dirty or vulgar sets please.  Show me your PG-13 stuff.

Email links to Talent@BrookeThomasCasting.com

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Multiple Breakdowns from Scott Powers

I don’t normally share these occasional breakdowns from Scott Powers’ newsletter, but this one below has a lot of roles in case you aren’t subscribed.  Still can’t personally vouch for the classes, but subscribe to newsletter HERE!



Rate:  As per production, Some roles paying up to $200.
Shoot Date: Tuesday, 4/28 ;(Some Roles May Shoot this week!)

Submission Guidelines at the bottom of this email.


“The 10 Worst People You Meet At Brunch” 
Web Video for Zagat




1. The Post-Coital Brunchers (Couple)
  • Sits on same side of table
  • Lots of PDAFeeds each other
  • Shares food off of the same fork
  • Says “You’re so cute,” “No you’re so cute” as annoyed people at next table look on.
  • Could have sex hair.
2. The Hangry Bruncher
  •  At host stand: “Ugh, there’s a 2 hour wait? Fine, I really          want to eat here.”
  • [20 minutes later] “I’m just going to grab a coffee”
  • [20 minutes later] “I shouldn’t have had caffeine on an empty stomach”
  • [20 minutes later] “Why is this taking so long?” [20 minutes later] Stops talking to friends, just focused on a point in the distance trying not to snap.
3. The Anti-Brunch Person
  • Mad that there’s a wait (“This place is empty on the weekdays”)
  • Talks about how overrated brunch is (“Did you read Kitchen Confidential. Everyone knows brunch is so overrated.”)
  • Orders a sandwich (non-brunch items)
4. The Post-Workout Bruncher
  • Shows up in their workout clothes (mops sweat off of brow, rings out workout shirt)
  • Brags about their workout and how they SO deserve brunch
  • Orders something equivalent to Denny’s Grand SlamGets drunk fast and starts complaining about how fat they are.
5. The Family Bruncher
  • Shows up with three strollers, five kids and four dogs.
  • Expects to be easily accommodated/oblivious to the brunch rush.
  • Kids running around as parents are mesmerized by their amazing dishes.
  • Kids screaming as hungover hipsters look on.
6. The Drunk Bruncher
  • Gets wasted at brunch (“How many mimosas have I had?!”)
  • Talks about how breaking up with their boyfriend was the best thing that ever happened to them
  • Says they want to lose all their inhibitions
  • Wanders outside into bright light (“Where am I?”)
  • Goes to the boutique next door, and accidentally drop a whole paycheck while trying to fulfill the void in their life.
7. The Brunch Douche (2 GUYS)
  • 1 wears Ed Hardy (B&T)
  • 1 wears loafers without socks and gets loaded on Stella (preppie douche)
  • Does shots
  • Hitting on people like they’re at a club
  • Screaming/laughing loudly.
  • Hollering at the waitress “Hey sweet lips”
8. The Hungover Bruncher
  • “I need hair of the dog, stat”
  • Miserable as kids are screaming in the background
  • Orders the greasiest thing on the menu “Can I just have the bacon grease?”
  • Has to go yak mid-meal.
9. The Hungover Server
  • So not interested in being there
  • Customers have to keep checking on status of order
  • Keeps forgetting to bring your ketchup
10. The Sex and the City Wannabes
  • Dressed to the nines, full make-up
  • Wants to have girl talk
11. Still Raging
  • Hasn’t gone to sleep yet
  • Still in going out clothes from night before/done up
  • Adults look on disapprovingly

12. The Eurotrash Clubbers

  • Bridge and Tunnel type crowd
  • “Where’s the dancing?” “Can we dance on this table?”/ “Where’s the bottle service”
  • “Where’s the sparklers?” When their champagne comes out without one.
   Featured Extras  
13. Brunch lingerers
  • Orders meal, orders dessert, orders coffee and busts out their laptop.

14. Social media obsessed

  • Read about this on Tumblr
  • Has to check in on Facebook
  • “Let me tweet that I’m here”
  • Asks to sit at a table with good light for photos
  • Instagram food
  • Complains that it’s cold by the time they eat it.

15. Confused out-of-town moms

  • Multigenerational, going with their children who live here.
  • Confused why people are getting drunk
  • Just want to eat flapjacks

16. The Confused Europeans

  • “Why can’t we get morning pastries at a bar?”

17. College

  • So excited to have their first NYC brunch

18. Hipsters

  • Flannel and skinny jeans
  • Annoyed at the crowds
  • Orders PBR and sishito peppers

19. Large groups

  • Super loud
  • Takes over entire restaurant
20. Fashion-type
  • smokes, coffee, doesn’t eat.


Please include the role name and number next to it, along with your headshot, resume and reel footage to: 


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Last workshop until Fall

Hi Everyone, this is the last “Where Do I Find Auditions?” workshop scheduled until the Fall.  The one at the Magnet last month was pushed back to this month so if you know of anyone who could use some more hustle in their life, please share.


Thanks and hope all is well!


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Improv for Commercials April

This class went so well they want to do it again in April.  20% of the class was called in by industry, and the feedback was great.  If you know of anyone interested in working on their commercial audition skills while having FUN please let them know.  Link to Class Info



Full link:  http://treehousetheaternyc.com/classes/auditioning-for-commercials-and-tv-with-david-neal-levin/

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Non-union casting for Spanish speakers

In case you haven’t taken Brooke and Mary’s class and consequently aren’t subscribed to Casting Loop, here is breakdown they sent out today.  I’ll start posting them here from now on unless a ton of people tell me they’re already getting them and I’m wasting everyone’s time.


Casting: Mary Callahan, House Casting
Shoots April 7 and 8
Non union
Rate: $750+10% Shoot (10 hours) + fit
$1700+10% Buyout (if used)
Usage: Tv, Web, Industrial and Print – 1 year

–  Spanish Mom: 38-48 Hispanic – MUST SPEAK FLUENT SPANISH. Likable, Interesting, Lots of copy, Real to attractive.

–  Spanish Man: 50s – 60s, Hispanic – MUST SPEAK FLUENT SPANISH. Likable, interesting, lots of copy. Real to attractive.

–  Spanish Woman: 27-34 Spanish. MUST SPEAK FLUENT SPANISH. Likable, interesting, lots of copy. Real to attractive.

Email: Mary@housecasting.com if you are available and fit the breakdown.  Always include a picture.

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More Theater Auditions

If you’re interested in finding more theater auditions, I’m doing a joint workshop this Tuesday with Amanda Tudor who will be talking about just that at Shetler Studios.  Here is a link for more information: https://zs182.infusionsoft.com/app/page/how-to-get-more-auditions

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