Where Do I Find Auditions?

A working actor helps you get work

Hey, there’s a BOOK full of this stuff!

This blog is inspired by a book I wrote “Where Do I Find Auditions?” that contains everything I know about where to find auditions and then some.  It is the book I wish had existed when I started acting.  It also has eight interviews with casting directors and agents.  It is currently available in paperback and as an ebook (the Kindle app can be downloaded for free to almost any platform).  Here is a link to the paperback and then ebook version followed by the description:



After years of acting training you’re ready to audition, but you don’t have an agent. Or you do have an agent but he isn’t sending you out as much as you’d like. Roughly 90% of actors find work without an agent. Even if you do have an agent, don’t sit back and wait for him to get you work. You have to hustle. In “Where Do I Find Auditions?” working NYC actor David Neal Levin passes on the knowledge of years of experience on how to find auditions in a clear, concise guide. Inside you will also find 8 interviews with agents and casting directors offering their insights on the audition process in addition on where to find them. Don’t miss another opportunity because you didn’t know where to look.
“It turns out there are tons and tons of different places producers and directors go to post auditions. And as an actor it’s your job to find those auditions. David Neal Levin has done a LOT of homework and discovered a way to quickly and simply find those auditions. It worked for me – I found a gig immediately.” –Adam Nowak, Actor, SAG-AFTRA, client of Cunningham, Escott, Slevin and Dougherty Talent Agency


Written by David Levin

April 24th, 2013 at 9:14 pm

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