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Check In with People Who Have Hired You Before

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This may sound obvious, but it hadn’t occurred to me until Lisa Gold said it in an AFTRA seminar.  Someone who has shown the ultimate faith by hiring you once might be likely to do so again.  They’ve worked with and, hopefully, still like you assuming you weren’t a jerk or burned down the set.  The day after I heard this, I emailed everyone I could think of that had previously hired me and said “Hello, how’s it going?”  Lo and behold, the producer of this video wrote me back with an audition for a Nickelodeon promo he was working on.  I didn’t book the job, but it was nice to be called in and see him again.  All because I’d taken the time to say “Hello.”

Keep track of the people you’ve enjoyed working with and reach out when you’ve got some fun work to share or just to occasionally touch base and say, “Hi.”

-excerpt from ‘Where Do I Find Auditions?’ the ebook

Written by David Levin

June 30th, 2013 at 12:39 pm

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