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Foreground/Background Inc. headshot/resume submissions

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Foreground and Background Inc. cast mostly commercial background and (surprise!) foreground roles out of New York City.  I only discovered them a few weeks ago when sent over for an audition (put on hold, did not book it).  While I was there, I noticed they keep a box outside their door for headshot/resume drop-off.  Their address is 601 W 26th Street, Suite M224, between 11th and 12th Aves.   Since I was there for a casting, there were helpful signs on their floor to guide people to their casting, but that might not always be the case, and the floor on which they’re located warrants perhaps the most appropriate use of the word “labyrinthine” I can think of short of a labyrinth.   That is a little bit of a hike probably for most people, but how are far you willing to walk to find work? Really…? That’s pretty far.

You can also mail your headshot/resume to them as their website states:

“When we have registrations, we go through the mail file in the order the headshots come in, and we invite as many people as we can each time.  It is a long process, but eventually we get to everyone.  So hang in there and please be patient.”

There you have it, headshots away!

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April 24th, 2013 at 9:03 pm

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Don’t change your appointment time!

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I recently acted as a reader* in a commercial audition for casting director Erica Palgon and at one point she became frustrated because of the number of people asking to switch their audition times.

“It’s one of my biggest pet peeves.  Move everything else before asking to move your audition.   Put the word out there!”

Hey, out there, see above!


*person who reads the other roles in the script

Written by David Levin

April 2nd, 2013 at 5:03 pm

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